How you can Activate your Roku Streaming Device

Activation Roku Streaming Device

In order to activate your Roku streaming media player or streaming device, it must be linked to a Roku account. Here is some important information about Setup or Activate Roku streaming Device with different-different ways

Set up your Roku device (Stick, player Or TV)

    1. Connect your device with a power cable and power adapter.
    2. Connect your device to the HDMI port of TV Or with the HDMI cable. 
    3. Make sure the power supply is ON. 

Learn the steps to Activate Roku streaming Device with the help of a wireless connection. It may be helpful for you to set up the Roku Device.

Wireless Connection

    1. Once your device is turned ON it asks for language then select your favorable language. 
    2. It asks for Country; click OK on your selected country. 
    3. Then it asks for Video quality resolution generally you have to select 720P or 1080 P. 
    4. It will search for a Wi-Fi network. (Why there is a need for internet connection because these streaming devices need the internet to stream videos).
    5. You have to select your Wi-Fi name then you have to enter the password of your Wi-Fi. 
    6. After entering your password hit on Connect, once it’s successfully connected it shows 3 green checkmarks.
    7. Make sure that you’re Router/ Modem is nearby your Television to get high Signals and better Speed. 
    8. One more thing you have to check is that there should be no metal object nearby your Router or not to put your router near Microwave otherwise it will affect the signal strength of Wi-Fi and slow down the speed of the internet. 

Link the activation code:

  1.  Now your device is connected  your TV will show an activation code on the screen
  2. This code is 4 or 5 alphanumeric code i.e. mix of alphabet and number. 
  3. This code is valid for a limited time (5 to 10 min) once it’s expired it will give you new code after following instructions on the screen. 
  4. Activate your Device at
  5. Once you enter the code you will go ahead with this activation process.
  6. You can select your cable service provider name.
  7. You can put your card information for getting premium channels on your TV 
  8. You can select all the channels you want to watch on TV. 

Note: if you already have an account you can simply login with your Roku user ID and password otherwise you have to create an account on Roku. 

How to create an account on Roku:

  1. Go the Page “ in” 
  2. Click on create an account and enter the details like your first name and last name and your email id with a date of birth 
  3. Once you click on continue after fill all the information, our account is ready to use.

Note: your email id will work as your Roku user Id. 

# Channels on Roku

  1. There are lots of free channels available on Roku apart from free channels lots of premium channels are also available. 
  2. These premium channels have monthly subscription means you have to pay a small amount every month for these premium channels. 


With the help of the mentioned above activating steps for Roku Device, you can watch your satellite channels or cable channels after activating the Roku streaming device. You can watch Roku channels, satellite channels as well as cable channels on the same device. You can simply add the cable provider app while you are adding all free and premium channels of Roku so that you can enjoy and stream every channel in one place.


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